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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Many of you ask us about our produce and products from time to time so we thought we’d take this opportunity to answer a few.

Are your poppy seeds edible?

Yes, they are the kind used in yummy desserts and on top of bagels.


When are your strawberries ripe?

We have some that are ready late June, and others that ripen in the late summer and into fall.


How does saffron grow?

Saffron is the spice harvested from the saffron crocus. It blooms in the fall, and each blossom

produces 3 bright orange stigmas which are harvested and dried. The cost of saffron reflects

the time-consuming and pain-staking method of harvest – it’s all done by hand, using a pair of tweezers.


Is your honey pasteurized?

No, it is all natural raw honey, just as the bees produce it. We merely

strain the honey and put it in jars for your convenience.


What kinds of honey do you have?

Our nectar sources include Maple, Salal, Blackberry and Fireweed.


What kinds of garlic do you grow?

We’ve grown for over 20 years and in that time have selected what we call “JGG”, or

“Just Good Garlic”. It’s amazing raw, and is great in anything cooked. We also have

a few special varieties for those people who like to eat a lot of raw garlic and can taste the different flavours.


Do you sell seed garlic?

Yes, we will have seed garlic available mid to late summer.


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